About SCEC

Established in 1995, Sumner County Emergency 911 Communications (SCEC) is the Public Safety Answering Point for Sumner County and the consolidated dispatch center for the law enforcement, fire, EMS, and Emergency Management agencies serving the County.

SCEC is a County-Government agency under the auspice of the Board of County Commissioners through an appointed Department Head.  It is not affiliated with any law enforcement, fire, or EMS agency.

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Our Mission

"To provide prompt and courteous service proficiently to the citizens of Sumner County and our public safety partners."


Yes, we answer 9-1-1 calls. 

But it's much more than that.

911.  SCEC answers 9-1-1 calls, both emergency and non-emergency, from landline telephones but mostly from cell phones.  We have migrated to the Next Generation and use highly sophisticated IP networks to receive, locate, and process calls for emergencies.

In addition, dispatchers provide instructions to callers to keep them safe, as well as instructions on how to render medical aid until and ambulance arrives.  Responder safety is also a priority, so dispatchers obtain information about hazards at the scene that may pose harm to law enforcement, firefighters, or medical technicians.

Consolidated Dispatch.  SCEC is the consolidated dispatch center for Sumner County public safety agencies.  We dispatch law enforcement, fire, EMS, and Emergency Management to the calls we receive, coordinate their response, and document information about the response.  We send additional resources that may be needed at the scene, as well as help when a responder finds themselves in an emergency.

SCEC also handles field generated incidents such as followup investigations and traffic stops.

CJIS.  SCEC conducts vehicle registration and driver's license checks through DMV, and checks the status of wants and warrants for field units.  Dispatchers also monitor the teletype system for "Be On The Lookout" broadcasts as well as AMBER, Silver, and Blue Alerts.

NCIC. Dispatchers make entries, modifications, clearances, and cancellations for wanted persons and stolen property into the National Crime Information Center database.

Weather Alerts.  Dispatchers monitor the teletype system for weather watches and warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

NAWAS.  SCEC is also responsible for monitoring the National Warning System terminal assigned to Sumner County through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Communities Served

SCEC serves the following incorporated and unincorporated communities in Sumner County.

  • Anson

  • Argonia

  • Ashton

  • Belle Plaine

  • Caldwell

  • Conway Springs

  • Corbin

  • Dalton

  • Drury

  • Geuda Springs

  • Hunnewell

  • Mayfield

  • Milan

  • Millerton

  • Milton

  • Mulvane (rural)

  • Oxford

  • Peck

  • Perth

  • Portland

  • Riverdale

  • Rome

  • South Haven

  • Suppesville

  • Wellington


Agencies Served

SCEC serves the following law enforcement, fire, EMS, and EMA agencies in Sumner County.

  • Argonia Police

  • Belle Plaine Police

  • Caldwell Police

  • Conway Springs Police

  • Oxford Police

  • Sumner County Sheriff

  • Wellington Police

  • Argonia Fire

  • Caldwell Fire

  • Clearwater Fire

  • Conway Springs Fire

  • Fire Dist 3 (Oxford)

  • Fire Dist 4 (Udall)

  • Fire Dist 5 (Corbin)

  • Fire Dist 8 (Mayfield)

  • Fire Dist 9 (Belle Plaine)

  • Fire Dist 10 (Geuda Springs)

  • Fire Dist 11 (Geuda Springs)

  • Fire Dist 12 (Mulvane)

  • Norwich Fire

  • South Haven Fire

  • Valverde Township Fire

  • Wellington Fire/EMS

  • Emergency Management

  • Argonia First Responders

  • Ark City Fire/EMS

  • Caldwell EMS

  • Conway Springs EMS

  • Mulvane EMS

  • Norwich EMS

  • Oxford First Responders

  • Udall First Responders

  • Wellington Fire/EMS











(16,283 calls to 911)




Record Requests

SCEC complies with the requirements of the Kansas Open Records Act.

SCEC has no records which are available for examination, however copies of open records can be made on request.

Some records cannot be released if they involve active criminal investigations or confidential personal information about victims, suspects, and witnesses.

For more information on requesting records from SCEC, download our policy brochure.


Criminal History Checks

SCEC is authorized to conduct criminal history background checks only for authorized law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties.  Background checks cannot be conducted for the general public.

For public records checks, go to the Kansas Bureau of Investigations website.


911 Addressing

The issuing of addresses for new structures, or existing structures that previously had no assigned address is the responsibility of Planning and Zoning.

For incorporated cities, contact the appropriate Planning and Zoning Department or City Clerk.

For unincorporated areas of Sumner County, contact Sumner County Planning and Zoning at 620-326-2207.


Employee Awards

Heartsaver Award

The Heartsaver Award is given to dispatchers who perform successful telephone CPR.

Senior Dispatcher Alyssa Sellers, 2019

Dispatcher Stefny Cabrera, 2021

Dispatcher Mattie Caudillo, 2021

Stork Award

The Stork Award is given to dispatchers who have assisted in delivering a baby using Emergency Medical Dispatch protocols and providing instructions over the telephone.

Watch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak, 2017

Watch Supervisor Ashley Helton, 2018

Extra Mile Award

The Extra Mile Award is given to dispatchers who perform some type of action that goes above and beyond their normal duties.

Watch Supervisor Sandy Dvorak, 2018

Dispatcher Mattie Caudillo, 2019

Dispatcher Coty Shelton, 2019

Perfect Attendance Award

The Perfect Attendance Award is given to a dispatcher who used no sick leave during a calendar year.

Dispatcher Vickie Holt, 2018

Dispatcher Callie Ybarra, 2020

Service Awards (current)

Service Awards are given for service in increments of 5 years.

911 Director John Tracy, 25 years

Deputy 911 Director Marcie Bristor, 25 years

Part-Time Dispatcher Elise Wartick, 10 years

Watch Supervisor Cara Bishop-Wichman, 10 years

Senior Dispatch Mike Newell, 10 years

TAC/LASO Officer Rachelle Hall, 5 years

Watch Supervisor Alison Voshell, 5 years

Watch Supervisor Ashley Stevenson, 5 years

Senior Dispatcher Alyssa Sellers, 5 years

Dispatcher Brad Horner, 5 years